DVD Studio Pro: How To Make Buttons Appear at Specified Time During the Menu

Do you love to make your own movie or home video compilations using DVD Studio Pro? Fortunately, with the help of the software, all your menu designs can be implemented with just a few clicks. However, certain tricks will require a few more skills other than those of the beginner's. For example, it may take some more knowledge about the software to be able to make buttons appear during specified times at the menu page of your DVD compilation.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • DVD Studio Pro

Step 1: Create a New Project with DVD Studio Pro

The first thing that you have to do is, of course, create a new project. Choose NTSC DV in Motion as your project preset and click OK. Next, choose Window on the Menu bar and then click on Timeline.

Step 2: Choose Your Button Shape

Go to the library palette and choose Shapes. From there, pick a shape that you will like your button to look like. Once you have chosen one, place it on the timeline, wherever you want it to be positioned.

Step 3: Record

In order to make your button appear at a certain time in the menu, you will have to create an animation in DVD Studio Pro. Since your project is already in Motion setting, click on the record button, which becomes red, in order to start animation. Drag the play head, which is indicated by the inverted yellow triangle right above the blue bar, to your desired time. On the viewer, drag the button to where you want it to end up. A red line will show indicating the path of the movement.

Step 4: Adding Text on Your Animation

After recording, create a new layer where you will be placing your text. Use the text tool to enter some text on the new layer. You can choose what time you want the text to start by dragging the play head right above the blue bar. You can look through the library or behaviors and choose an effect that you want the text to have, such as fade in or fade out. Hide the first layer and save the file as .pct. Then, export the movie and make sure that you choose the right output, which is 720x480. The file should also be compressed into an m2v file.

Step 5: Finalizing the Animation

Go back to DVD Studio Pro and press F3. The background of the menu will be the file saved as .m2v. Then, set the loop to however long you want it by dragging the slider. The overlay for the menu will be the earlier project saved as .pct.

Now, it should become much easier to make a menu just the way you want it to be for your favorite DVD movie and home video compilations with the help of DVD Studio Pro.

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