DVD Studio Pro: Finishing your DVD

DVD Studio Pro is a very powerful and professional application which can be used to design and make DVDs. It's possible to use this application to create powerful looking DVDs. Although the results are very professional, it's very easy to use the software. You shouldn't have any trouble creating and authoring DVDs by using DVD Studio Pro.

It's very easy to create DVDs quickly and easily by using the templates installed with the software. Read this guide to find out how to finish and author your DVD using DVD Studio Pro.

Step 1: Importing Assets

The first thing that you need to do is import the files that you want to use to make your DVD. Click the button marked "Import," which is under the assets list at the bottom right of the screen. You can also click "File", "Import" if you find this easier.

An import dialog box will pop up. Now select the MPEG-2 video file and any Audio files that you've created in Final Cut Pro and Compressor. This may take some time to load the files into the application.

Step 2: Using Assets

Now, click on one of the video files and the matching audio files. Drag these down so that they fit in the green box which is labeled Track 1. Double click the track to open the track inspector. Now, select "Menu 1".

Step 3: Menu

Double click the box which is marked "Menu". This will make it possible to create a menu by choosing the template that you want to use. All of the templates are listed in the upper right of the screen. Once you've chosen your template, drag it down into the viewer with the menu highlighted. You will then need to wait a few moments for the template to be loaded properly.

Step 4: Importing Pictures

Import any pictures into your project by using the Import button. This works in exactly the same way as when you are importing video and audio tracks. Once they are added into the asset list, you should then drag them onto the gray boxes and they will be inputted into the timeline.

Step 5: Creating a Play Button

Click on one of the buttons on the menu template and click it. Now rename this to Play. Use the drop down list to select the target as "Track 1". This means that when this button is pressed it will load the main tracks video and audio.

Get rid of any buttons that you don't want to use by clicking on them and pressing delete.

Step 6: Previewing

To preview how the finished project will look once it's burnt onto DVD, click the "Simulate" icon. This is in the center of the screen and will automatically allow you to test the menu and check that everything is working correctly.

Step 7: Burning the DVD

Once you've finished your DVD, the only thing you need to do is insert a blank DVD into your computers DVD writer and click the "Burn" icon, which is right next to the Simulate icon. This will start the burning process.

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