DVD Studio Pro: Button Navigation

A lot of times, button navigation is controlled through the buttons that are on the DVD player's control remote in order to get through the menu. Navigation should not be difficult to do. When using DVD Studio Pro, there are a few ways to set the button navigation. Dragging, Manual, Continuous Auto Assign and Auto Assign are a few of the methods to set button navigation. More details of these methods are listed below.

Dragging Button Navigation

In the menu editor, you can do a command option to drag the edge of a button to the button that it will navigate to. The edge of each button corresponds with an arrow on the remote control. Therefore, if you drag the left edge of a button, that is what will show you what happens when you press the left arrow button on the remote control. To set the button navigation using the dragging method, you will do the following.

Step 1: Choose the Button

Choose the button whose navigation you will set. You will see a red ring appear around it.

Step 2: Resize

Hold the Option key and the Command key down and click the 're-size' handle edge you will set. If you are setting the right arrow button, click the right edge.

Step 3: Drag the Mouse

Drag the mouse from the handle over to the button you will be linking to. You will see line to remind you where you started.

Step 4: Verify the Connections

Once you have dragged to the active area, the line will change from a white to a green colored line. This is your indicator that you can release the mouse button. You will need to verify your connections very carefully or you may mis-set the edges of all the buttons.

Manual Button Navigation

You can use Navigation section on the Button Inspector Advanced tab to manually set each button's navigation. You will also be able to change the setting of a button's navigation made by the Auto Assign feature. Here are the steps to manually set button navigation.

Step 1: Select a Button

Select a button and click the Advanced tab in the Button Inspector.

Step 2: Set the Button

Open the pop up menu in the Navigation area for each direction and select the button that will be used for each - up, down, left and right. If you do not want anything to happen when a viewer presses a certain arrow button, leave the setting to read "not set."  Whatever setting you make for a button has no impact on the other menu buttons.

Auto Assign Button Navigation

The Auto Assign feature can be accessed from the Menu Editor. Auto Assign sets the navigation for all of the menu buttons at one time. This makes the configuration easy for first timers. You can always go back at a later time and adjust the settings. To use this feature, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Set the Menu and Buttons

Set your menu up to your liking and all buttons in their locations.

Step 2: Select Auto Assign Buttons

Select the Auto Assign Buttons Now option from the Menu Settings pop up menu, and you are done. Selecting continuous auto assign will leave it at auto assign until you disable it.

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