DVD Studio Pro: Advanced MPEG Encoding

MPEG encoding is a process through which your audio and video materials can be imported over to DVD Studio Pro. The QuickTime MPEG encoder is a code that converts the DV format video files over to the MPEG2 video assets. If they are not converted, they cannot be supported by DVD Studio Pro. Video, Audio, Subtitles and Still Images are the primary assets of DVD Studio Pro. For any audio or video content to be imported into the DVD Studio Pro, they will have to be prepared as an asset to DVD Studio Pro. The QuickTime MPEG Encoder is one of the main means through which Studio Pro generates assets. A few basic steps for this procedure are listed below. 

Step 1: Encoding Video

First, you will export your video clips or sequence clips from the Final Cut Pro. Your clips should have audio as well as video. After your video sequence has been loaded into the Viewer, click on File, Export and QuickTime to select the viewer. Select MPEG2 from the QuickTime dialog box pop up menu. MPEG2 will appear as an option. You can select the Options button to configure your exporting settings. Leave the Field Dominance set to Automatic which is the default. The video system and aspect ratio should match your sequence settings. Check the box that says Save Audio.

Step 2: Encoding Audio

During the exporting, you should have created an AIFF file along with the MPEG2 file. This is a file that is acceptable by DVD Studio Pro. Click on Audio tab and select Audio Mode Coding. This will let you select the configurations for the channel for your final AC3 audio file. If you had your audio as stereo mix, you will click the drop down menu and select "2/0(R, L)". If you have mono audio, select "1/0(C) in the drop down which will indicate a Center channel. Now your Input Channels will update. Assign files which are audio to the channels in Input A.Pack Channels module. When all of your channels have been assigned, you can encode. The Data Rate of the audio needs to be set to 256kbps. Set Target System to Video DVD. All other settings remain at default settings. Click on Encode, and choose the destination folder. Let the system do the rest. 

Step 3: Back to Studio Pro

You can now bring your MPEG2 and AC3 assets over to DVD Pro to be relinked. Open up DVD Studio application. Click on File, then click on Import. Choose the assets that you just created and click on Add. You can also just double click on each asset one at a time. The imported assets will show up in Asset Container. You can now add a Video Track by dragging the .m2v from Asset Container over to Graphical View. The Studio Pro creates a track automatically which will have the MPEG asset. Previewing your track now will just show you the video without sound. To add the audio, drag and drop the file .AC3 from Asset module over to Graphical View window. Click Graphical Window View gray area. Under General, click on Startup Action and choose the track. Your track will automatically play. 

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