DVD Studio Pro: Advanced Menu Design

DVD Studio Pro helps you to create advanced designs for your menu using over 30 menu templates designed by Apple. These templates can also be modified, and they even allow you to create your own designs from scratch. You can create your own by choosing from the styles, colors, drop zones and shapes provided. You will get a real time preview of your design. The steps below will assist you with creating an advanced menu design.

Step 1: Create an Overall Texture for Your Menu Background

Once you have Photoshop software loaded, click File and New. You will then select the Film and Video Preset. For the size, you will click on the NTSC DV. If you are using a wide screen, you can choose the NTSC DV Wide Screen option. Select RGB color and click OK. 

Step 2: Choose a Color

Click on Edit, then click Fill, and then click Color. You will need to use a color that will look nice behind a video clip. You can then click on Filter, then click on Texture, and click Texturizer to apply a texture. You can play around with this until you find one to your liking. Near the top of the screen, create a title in the safe title area, and save this file in the class folder under the name "background.psd". In the palette, you can click on the Templates tab and then click on the Apple button. Once you have chosen a template, you can drag that template's icon over to the Menu Editor. Hold the mouse button down until you see the pop up menu. You will then see Drop Palette. Click on Apply to Menu, and then click Add All Buttons from the drop down. You can now release the mouse button. 

Step 3: Options to Add a Background Movie to the Menu

Click on the Video tab and locate the movie file of your choice. You can drag the file to any empty place in the Menu Editor. Hold the mouse button until the Drop palette appears. You can click on Set Background and release the mouse button. The movie should then appear in the background behind all of your buttons. To actually play the background movie in the menu, you will click the Motion button in the lower right section of the menu editor. This will start video playback along with its assigned audio. You can click on the Motion button if you would like to stop the video playback. This will return the background movie back to the beginning. 

Step 4: Create a Menu Transition

You can create a menu transition and select the action of it by clicking on the main menu. This will activate the Menu Inspector. From here, you can click on the Transition tab. If you select Fade Thru Color from the Transition menu that pops up, the Fade Thru Color transition will fade to black. The transition will then be applied to all of the menu buttons.

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