DVD Studio Pro: Adding Subtitles

There are many reasons for adding subtitles in DVD Studio Pro. Subtitles allow you to offer text in different languages, create buttons over videos and add graphics. You can also create individual text subtitles in DVD Studio Pro. In total, DVD Studio Pro allows you to add up to 32 subtitles to every track in your project.

Creating Subtitle Clips

DVD Studio Pro gives you many options for adding subtitle clips to your tracks. One option is to position the track playhead over the exact location of where you want the subtitle added. With the playhead positioned, press Shift and ~. Another option is to Control-click the exact location of where you want the subtitle added. When the shortcut menu appears, click on Add Subtitle. You can also double click the subtitle stream at the exact location of where you want the subtitle added.

Selecting Subtitles

If you have added more than one clip to a track, any changes that you make to the clip will be applied to all clips. To prevent this from happening, you will need to select a single subtitle clip. You can select a clip by going to Project, then Subtitle, then Next or Project, then Subtitle, then Previous. You can also select your subtitle clip by using the left and right arrows, which are located in the Viewer tab.

Positioning Subtitles

In the event that the subtitle was not created in the correct location within your track, you can easily change the position of the subtitle clip. To do this, all you have to do is click and drag the subtitle clip to its new location. You can also change the position of the subtitle by opening the General tab in the Subtitle Inspector. From the General tab, manually type in a new start time for the subtitle.

Trimming Subtitles

DVD Studio Pro gives you three options for changing the duration of a subtitle clip. The first two options involve the Subtitle Inspector. In the General tab of the Subtitle Inspector, you will see fields for duration and stop time. The duration field will change the overall length of the subtitle, while the stop time field will only change the time at which the subtitle clip is to stop playing. You can also trim subtitle by dragging the edges of the subtitle clip to a new position. If you are unable to view the edges of the subtitle clip, you can use the Zoom Level, which is located in the Timeline.

Entering Subtitle Text

To begin adding text to your subtitle clip, you will need to open the Subtitle Inspector and click on the Text area. Once the pointer is blinking in the Subtitle Editor, you will be able to begin entering text. If you need to create a new line of text, press the Return key. When you are done entering text, press the Enter key to leave text entry mode.

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