DVD PixPlay: Making a Slideshow

DVD PixPlay is a useful software package which can be used to turn your photos into an attractive slideshow. It's a useful way to get your photos off your computer and start enjoying them. There's no need to leave your computer fully locked up on your PC. PixPlay is software that you should consider buying. There is, however, a free trial available for download on the Internet. This makes it easy to try out the software without buying it first.

Installing the Software

Once the software is downloaded from the Internet, you should then run the installer. This will guide you through the process of extracting and installing the files onto your computer.

Running DVD PixPlay

Once DVD PixPlay is installed, it can then be accessed by clicking on Start and then clicking on DVD PixPlay. This will then use the application for you to use.

Getting to Know the Interface

The DVD PixPlay interface is very easy to use. Down the left hand side of the screen you will see all the images that will be displayed. New ones can be added with ease by browsing for them and adding them into the project. It's also very easy to create unique and interesting effects. By clicking on one of the frames, a number of options will be displayed.

It's possible to change the transitions mode. Transitions can make the video look much more interesting and enticing. It's possible to select the transitions by clicking through the different animations available.