Dream Photo Editor: An Overview

Dream Photo Editor is a photo professional collage maker that you can use to instantly create beautiful compilations and artistic photo collages. Working with the Dream Photo Editor allows you to create other things as well--calendars, personalized greeting cards, invitations, posters and almost anything that you can think of. There are tons of ready-made resources to choose from, such as templates, layouts, special mask effects, clip arts, photo frames and word arts. You can also either save, print or directly email your creations or use them as wallpapers.

Collages and Scrapbooks

The Dream Photo Editor is a simple tool that helps you create impressive scrapbooks and collages in digital formats. It is a breeze to create memorabilia and souvenirs of good times. The same can be extended to create personalized table calendars and cards. All you need to do is simply select the appropriate templates, drag and drop in your desired pictures, and then insert elements like photo frames, clip arts and word arts. The scrapbook will be delivered within minutes.

Photo Retouching and Adding Effects

The Dream Photo Editor makes it extremely easy to retouch pictures and enhance them. You can have any images be cropped, shadowed, masked and rotated to make them more attractive.

Printing and Sharing

Once you have created your desired collage, you can print it in customized sizes and/or create wallpapers. You can use it to decorate your websites or send it to your email or mobile devices. There is no limit to what the Dream Photo Editor enables you to do.