DrawPlus: Working with Spray Brushes

DrawPlus by Serif has a variety of tools to make your job easier. You can create some stunning effects by using this software. The following tutorial examines the use of spray brushes, which can enhance your strokes to create stunning drawings.

Step 1: Creating the Background

To create a stunning background for your drawing, create a new blank page and choose the Rectangle Tool. Draw one which will fill the whole page. On the right side of your screen, click on the Swatch tab and click on "Linear" from the Gradient drop down list. Choose the desired swatch, and you will see it appearing on your page. Now, click the Fill Tool, and you will see the nodes that indicate the fill path. You can now change the colors by clicking on the desired shade on the outer ring of the Color Tab (to set the base color), and then inside the triangle to get to the exact shade.

Step 2: Painting Various Objects

Click on the Paint Brush Tool, and on the right side of the screen, click on the Brushes tab. From the drop down box, go to the Effects category and here you will find a variety of spray brushes that can create effects like bubbles, fire, clouds and so on. Select the Clouds brush if you want to draw cloud patterns. Choose the required color from the color grill and then go to the Brush Context toolbar to set the various parameters of your brush. You will need to choose the correct brush width for ease of drawing and the value of opacity to get the right effect. Then, you just need to drag on the page to paint your clouds.

Depending on the object you are going to draw, you can choose the required spray effect from the Effects category under the Brush tab. For example, if you want to paint tree tops, you can choose the Nature category and choose the Moss spray brush. Adjusting the opacity and color of the brush will give you the required effects.