Drawing a Cartoon Character in DrawPlus

DrawPlus is the versatile drawing software from Serif, which has a set of different tools that lets you create fascinating drawings, graphics, logos and animations. You can also use this software for photo enhancements and editing. The following explains how you can use the various drawing tools to create a simple back view of a cartoon character of a cat. First, initiate the software and create a new blank document in the drawing workspace.

Step 1: Drawing the Head

To the left of your workspace, you will find the vertical menu bar with different icons. Click on the triangle on the Quick shapes icon and choose the Eclipse. Now, click on the page and drag your mouse to make a bit of a flattened eclipse of the appropriate size. On one side of this eclipse, make another smaller one which is elongated. You need to tilt this eclipse so that it looks like an ear. For this, click on the triangle next to the Rotate button, which you will find under the Arrange tab (which is in the right bottom corner of your screen).

Select the angle at which you want the tilt of the ear. To move the ear exactly in place, drag on the plus sign, which is the move button you will see on the left upper corner of the eclipse. To create the other ear, just right click on the shape you just created. Select Copy, and then right click again and select Paste. Now select the new shape, and click on the Flip Horizontal button, which is also under the Arrange tab. Now move the ear to the other side of the head. In the tool bar, click on the Pointer Tool and then click and drag to select all that you have created. Under the Arrange tab, click on the Add button. This will give you the outline of the head with the ears.

Step 2: Drawing the Body

From the Quick shapes, now choose the Rectangle and draw it below the head. Under the Arrange tab click on the Convert to Curves button. Then go over to the tool bar and click on the Node Tool and then drag your mouse to select the Rectangle on the page. Just above the work area is the Context Toolbar and from this click on the Smart Corner button. This will give a nice rounded shape to your rectangle which resembles the body of a cat.

Step 3: Drawing the Front Paws and Back Legs

For the paws, Copy the same rectangle of the body and resize it to make it smaller with the corner handles. Then, copy this same shape for the other side of the body to make the front paws. Create two more copies of the same shape and rotate them to ninety degrees with the Rotate button. These will be the two legs of the cat. With the Pointer Tool, select the whole area with the new shapes, and then click on the Add button to make them all into one shape.

Step 4: Drawing the Tail

The tail can be drawn freehand by selecting the free form Paint Tool. Set the width of this tool from the Context Toolbar to the appropriate thickness, and click and drag to draw the tail; you now have a cartoon character of a cat.