Digitally Touching Up Maternity Photos

Offering maternity photos can provide you with some year round bread and butter work, which is always welcome for a photographer. There are, however, lots of competitors offering similar services. In order to stand a chance of succeeding, it's essential that you make yourself stand out.

There are several different ways that you can make your services stand out; one of the best is by offering great photos. Taking maternity photos should be rewarding and something that you enjoy. Taking great photos will improve your reputation, which should lead to more business in the future.

Touching up Maternity Photos

Digital cameras have a number of advantages over 35mm film. The biggest advantage is almost certainly not having to spend a fortune on film, however, close second is the ability to touch up and edit the photos. Photographs taken digitally can be loaded onto the computer with ease and then edited or touched up however you like.

There are lots of different software packages which can be used to edit your photos. The most popular is Photoshop, but there are also plenty of free alternatives including the Gimp and

Being Tasteful

Whenever taking maternity photos, it is essential that you are tasteful. Maternity photos should be something that your clients will treasure and keep forever. The only way that you can do this is to stay away from fads and anything too tacky. It's essential that you make sure your photos are in good taste and something that they will be proud of.

Digital Makeup

Maternity photos are different from many other types of photography. The biggest difference is that you will normally be taking photos of not only faces, but also the bump itself. The bump should be just as important in your photo as the happy couple and that's where digital makeup comes into play.

If there are any stretch marks or other marks on the stomach of the pregnant woman, then these can easily be removed by using Photoshop or other photo editing software.

Sometimes if the belly is very big, then it can become shiny which causes light to bounce off it. Touch up the photo to remove any light reflecting wherever you don't want it to.

Any marks from elasticated clothing will mark the skin even when they are taken off. It would be best if you got your clients to take these pieces of clothing off first. You can use touch up software to fix the problem.

Red Eyes

If you are using flashes when taking maternity photos, red eyes can be a common problem. With many maternity photos, you will be photographing two people which means there is a good chance of experiencing red eyes in  your photos. It should, however, be possible to remove the red eyes using most photo editing software packages.

Listen to the Mother

When deciding how to touch up the photos, it is important that you listen to the expectant mother and find out exactly what she wants from the photos. While being pregnant is a very special time in her life, she will be self conscious and probably won't be feeling her prettiest. Ask your client if she is happy and be as patient as possible.

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