Digital Scrapbooking Software: Why Buy Digital Scrapbook Artist?

Digital Scrapbook Artist from Serif is versatile digital scrapbooking software that has a variety of features and tools to make stunning scrapbooks. The software has a simple interface, which makes it possible for completing your projects easily and quickly. Here are a few of the superior features which makes this software ideal for scrapbooking.

Themed Templates and Customized Creations

Digital Scrapbook Artist has a numerous elements that are arranged in Content Packs and categorized according to various themes. The elements are backgrounds, frames, materials, decorations and special alphabets. You also have pages which are predesigned and each element on the page can be freely moved around, enlarged, reduced or deleted for customization.

The software also allows you to build your own elements with its Digikit Creator, where you can import scanned images and organize them into themed kits.

Various Textures and Effects

The Blending feature of the software enables you to blend a material with your photo seamlessly. This way you can provide a variety of textures to your images, as your photos will take on the material's appearance totally.

There are numerous stencils available by which you can easily design an outline or add details to a page. The Layers feature lets you give various looks to your photos ranging from oil painting to new age pop art. The software has an Image Cutout tool, which lets you extract the subject or other items from a photo. This tool is ideal for focusing on a subject and placing it on various backgrounds.

Photo Editing

Digital Scrapbook Artist also has the basic photo editing tools so that you need not depend on any other software while creating a scrapbook with your photos. You can remove red eye and blemishes and adjust the contrast and color saturation.