Digital Scrapbooking Software: Key Features of Digital Scrapbook Artist

Digital Scrapbooking Software helps you transfer your memories into mixed media, and store and share them with family and friends. Here are some of the key features of this software.

Creation of Albums

This program helps you to create albums either automatically with existing settings or manually from scratch. Hence, this gives you an unlimited scope for showcasing your creative potential.

Access to Mixed Media

You can add a variety of data in the form of images, graphics, videos, audio clips, music, files and narratives, and then link your scrapbook or album to the web.

Huge Amount of Functional tools

You can make use of the readily available backgrounds and rich text formats. You can add shadows and mats to your photographs and graphics. You can use effects like flipping, mirror, cropping and rotating, as per your design. The software also helps you create backgrounds and page layouts, and you can even lock the pages so they are safe from being copied.

Share and Store

Since albums can be made up of several pages, it can be difficult to store them. However, digital scrapbooking makes it easy. You do not need to create copies of pages; you can simply import the page into the album. A single album can have more than one output. It can be on screen, in print, or on a CD-ROM or any other media. You can also print high resolution images and pages.