Digital Scrapbook Artist Digital Scrapbooking 101

If you enjoy digital scrapbooking, then you should consider using the Serif Digital Scrapbook Artist. This software program is easy to use, and it is designed for beginners. Best of all, this program is completely free to use.

Creating a Page Using a Theme

The Serif Digital Scrapbook Artist allows you to create different scrapbook pages based on the theme of your scrapbook. For example, if you went on a fishing trip with the family, you can search themes with fish or stream and then select the Contact Packs theme that best shows off your pictures.

Contact Packs come with materials, backgrounds, decorations and photo frames that you can use for your scrapbook pages. Then to add items, you simply select and drag it into place.

Easy to Learn

This program is designed for both the digital scrapbooking enthusiast and the scrapbooking beginner. The drag and drop feature helps you move items into place. Plus, when you finally put the photo in to place, the program will automatically resize the photo so that it completely fits the frame. Plus, you can customize anything on the page as well as the tools that you use, including the text and brush tools.

Adding Text

The program comes with 75 different fonts, but you can also add the fonts stored on your desktop. The Serif Digital Scrapbook Artist allows you to add this text to different shapes or text boxes.

Using the Daisy Trail

This section of the Serif Digital Scrapbook Artist website allows you to zoom in on your designs to see if they actually look the way that you want them to. And, then you can save your scrapbook in different formats, including PDF and JPG. This allows you to later print out the pages.