Digital Darkroom: Advantages of the Core Edition

If you are considering buying Digital Darkroom, then you might not understand which version is best for you. The most popular versions include the Core and Pro editions. Both of these are slightly different and offer different features. The Core edition is the entry-level package, which is suitable for most photographers.

Although this is the entry-level package, it has a lot of different benefits and advantages.

Time Saving

Using Digital Darkroom Core will help you to save an awful lot of time. This supports wireless and wired tethering to a wide variety of different cameras. It can also be set up as a plugin in Instudio and Photoshop. The software will automatically generate proofs which is a useful way to see how everything looks.


The Digital Darkroom core edition also features a state-of-the-art greenscreen algorithm. This makes it very easy to enjoy creating these chroma key effects.


There are quite a few different templates included in the core edition. More can be downloaded or created from scratch. These templates include calendars and magazine covers.


This software is fully automated. It can be used with the new PhotoReflect front ends on the Internet. This makes it very easy to offer your services on the Internet.