Designing Calendars with Print Artist Gold

Print Artist Gold is a useful desktop publishing application which can be used to create lots of different print publications. It can be used to create all sorts of different things including calenders. When creating calenders with Print Artist Gold, you will find it is very simple. You will be able to create professional looking Calenders by using this software. Using Print Artist Gold is very simple, but can be a little confusing at first.

Step 1: Open Print Artist Gold

The first step will be to open the Print Artist gold application on your computer. This involves selecting it from the start menu and then waiting for it to load completely. When the application has loaded, you should then select calender from the options screen.

Step 2: Choose the Type of Calender

Print artist gold makes it possible to create a lot of different types of calenders. These include single page calendars and calendars with a page for each month. Choose the type of calendar that you want to create by clicking on it. There are also a number of calendar templates which have already been designed. These make it easy to design a calendar easily without needing to understand everything right away.

Step 3: Import Images

If you plan on using images on your calendar design, then you will need to import them. This is easy and is done by clicking on the import button. Browse through your computer to select the photos or images that you want to add and then position them on your screen by dragging them. Resizing is also easy and is simply a matter of clicking one of the handles and dragging to re-size it.

Once you have chosen the images, you can then get to work on the text. The month names will already be on the calendar, but it's possible to add extra text to advertise your business.

Step 4: Repeat

If you are creating a calendar with a separate page for each month, then you will need to repeat the process for each separate month.

Step 5: Print the Calendar

When you are happy with the design of your calendar, you can then get to work printing it. The best paper for this is a high quality thick mate or gloss paper. This will ensure that the paper does not get saturated with ink. Load the paper into your printer and then follow the instructions to print the calendar. Select the print button and then click through all of the instructions to print the calendar.

Then, all you need to do is fix all of the pages together by either stapling or gluing them in place. Then the calendar can be hung on a wall or put on a desk so that you can remember all of the important dates and times.