Debut Video Capture Software 101

Debut Video Capture is a video capturing, recording and screen-casting software. This application allows you to record in various video formats like avi, flv, mp4, and wmv, among others.

Effective Screen Capture

With Debut Video Capture you can record everything that is seen on your computer screen. You can also select the area on your screen which you need recorded. The recording is non-obtrusive as the application functions from the system tray. You can simultaneously record the screen shot and an audio of your commentary.

Video Recording

The software allows recording of video from various sources apart from the screen, like webcam and various video input devices like VHS player, firewire and so on. The recording can also be scheduled to start at a specific time. The resolution of the video, frame rate and the size can also be set for the recording. This feature lets you produce videos for sharing on YouTube or for CD or TV production. You can also add watermarks and text captions on your recorded video with different background colors. The software also offers the feature of creating a snap shot photo from a video.

Basic Video Editing Features

Debut Video Capture lets you adjust certain aspects of a streaming video before recording. You can change the color settings with easy slider controls that give you control over the Contrast, Brightness and Gamma levels. The changes are seen in real time in the window and recorded when you hit the record button.