Cutting Out Images in PhotoPlus

PhotoPlus is image editing software from Serif. The software enables the easy enhancing of digital images by adjusting brightness and contrast, cutting images and changing the background, enhancing color balance, resizing and even transforming photos to art. PhotoPlus may not be exactly straight forward for beginners, but it takes a short while and requires no training for you to be able to use and enjoy its many features.

To cut out images using PhotoPlus software, you need to use the extract tool that will allow you to cut out an image and give it a new background. Following some simple steps below, you can easily do this.

Step 1: Extract Option

Once you have opened your image in PhotoPlus, proceed to select the extract option from the edit menu. Remember to enlarge the image for easier working. In the extraction window that opens, select the image you wish to extract.

Step 2: Zoom and Pan

Apply the zoom and pan tools to find the object in the extraction window.

Step 3: Edge Marker

Use the edge marker tool to mark out the edges of the image you wish to extract. In case you make a mistake during the processes of marking, use the edge eraser to remove the markings of the edge marker.

Step 4: Foreground

Once you are done, select the foreground tool and click on the object you marked the edges around.

Step 5: Preview Option

Follow this by selecting the preview option and apply the touch-up and edge cleaner tools to clean up the edges. You can also use the pan and zoom tools here to get the best results. Click ok when finished, and you can use the cut image as you wish.