Creating Titles for Final Cut Pro Projects in Photoshop

Titles are an important aspect in a video production. They have the power to instantly add or take away production value in the eyes of your audience. Simple titles look cheap and can take away from a well done production. Meanwhile, dynamic titles can add value to a low budget production.

Years ago titles were hand painted by professional artists and then photographed. Things have changed though in the age of computers. Now, anyone can make great titles with the right software, an investment of time and an imagination. Final Cut Pro is one of the best non linear editing software that anyone could buy. And, Adobe Photoshop is a great program for creating titles. Here's how you can get the two programs to work together so that you can create awesome titles. 

Working In Photoshop: The Background

The first step in creating your title is to create a new Photoshop project. Make the photo shop project the same resolution as the video you are editing. Once Photoshop is open, you're ready to make your first creative decision. What is the title's background going to be? Is it a still image? An intricate design? A solid color or a gradient? Choosing your title's background is the first step in creating your titles. Creating the text takes a while and requires a lot of planning. It would be a waste of your time to make the text first, then create a background, and then realize that the two don't look well together.

Working in Photoshop: The Text

The next step in Photoshop is to create the text. Using the text tool you can choose from hundreds of fonts and control the text's color and size.

Put It Together

After you've selected your text, you will make adjustments to the image. Perhaps you wish to add a filter over the text or maybe you want to move stuff around. The creative possibilities are endless; the only limit is your imagination.

Export the Title

Once you are finished creating your title, you need to export it. You're going to save the Photoshop project as a jpeg at the highest possible quality. 

Bring the Title into Final Cut

Once your jpeg is saved, you will open up your Final Cut project. Choose 'File'-> 'Import' and navigate through the computer to find your title. Select it and import it into Final Cut. It should now appear in the browser. You can drag the title onto the timeline to add it into your project.

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