Creating Slideshows with Stillmotion PE

Stillmotion PE makes it very easy to make your own slideshows of your favorite photos. You can easily add photos to the slideshow, which can then be published and shared on the internet. The slideshows created are very high quality and are a great way to show off all of your photos.

Step 1: Opening the Application

First, you need to open the Stillmotion PE application and start a new project. You could also open an existing project to edit this. Choose the radio buttons to decide how you want to start a project. You can also make a slideshow out of a folder which will make it easy add all the photos.

Step 2: Selecting the Images

When you click OK, a menu will appear asking you which folder you want to turn into a slideshow. Simply select it and click on OK. When the files are selected, you can then continue.

Step 3: Previewing

When all of the photos are added to the project, you will then need to preview the slideshow. This will allow you to look through it and decide if any changes are required.

Step 4: Editing

You can then edit the slideshow to change the order of the photos. It's also possible to crop the photos if you want. When you are happy, you will then be able to add music backing tracks.