Creating Photoshop Art with Digital Painting

The Photoshop Art editor is very powerful. Photoshop is capable of editing any photos to make them look like amazing paintings. Photoshop makes it very simple to remove the background of an image and change the colors. The photosho art which is created is very high quality and looks like a professional image.

Here is how you can use Photoshop to create unique pieces of art work.

Equipment Required

The first thing that you will need to do is consider the equipment required. Although not essential, it will be much easier if you use a graphics tablet. A tablet such as a Wacom tablet will make it easy to touch up and apply various effects.

If you don't have a graphics tablet, then there's no need to worry. You will be able to use your mouse. It will just make it slightly more difficult. This makes it very simple to create your own matte painting from your photograph.

Choosing an Image

You will need to choose a very good quality image. Ideally, you should use a high resolution image as this will make it possible to get excellent results. If you don't already have a suitable image, then you will be able to find lots of high quality images on the Internet. Just search through some of the royalty free photo websites for some photos that you could consider using.

Isolating the Subject

First, you need to isolate the subject from the background. If you are working with a photo of an old house, for example, you will need to cut the house out from the background. The easiest way of doing this in Photoshop is using the Polygon lasso tool. You can also use the eraser tools to touch up the image.

Once you have isolated the subject from the image, you will then be able to replace it with a new background. You can replace the background with another photo or by painting a background yourself.

It's much easier to use a photo as a background which can be found on the Internet. This will also often produce much better and higher quality results. Once you have chosen the background image, you then need to replace it. You can make the sky look a bit better by using perspective effects.

Touching up the Image

The area around the subject will normally be the same color as the old background color. To correct this, select the magic wand tool. Then click anywhere on the screen which is empty. Click on Select, Modify and choose expand. This makes it very easy to remove the old background by using the color correct options to change the color. The color balance needs to be used to make the border less noticeable.

Removing Objects

If there are any objects in the photo that you don't want, then you will need to remove them. Removing elements of photos is actually fairly difficult. It's something that you need to do patiently.

You will need to repaint any of the elements which are missing. The clone stamp tool can be used to try and remove areas. If you make any mistakes, then you will need to press control and Z to undo the changes.

Adding Effects

If you want to add elements including lightening bolts, then they are surprisingly easy. To do this, select a brush without feathering and use it to draw the lighting bolt. Then, duplicate and blur the lightening layer. This will ensure that the lightening looks like it is glowing.


Dead trees and other elements can be added to the photos using the clone brush. When doing this, adjust the hue and saturation so that the colors match.


The whole photo can be made to look slightly dirty by painting over the windows with a matte color. When done in a new layer, you can adjust the opacity to make it look much better.

Another slightly darker color can then be used to paint over the whole house. This should give a dirty and slightly artistic look to the photo. Add dirt in the correct locations to get the best results.