Creating New Blank Pages in Fotoslate

Fotoslate can help you create blank pages that you can use later in collages, scrapbooks and calendars. Creating new blank pages in Fotoslate is not difficult if you follow the program’s wizard. Here is how you can easily create new blank pages in just three steps.

Step 1: Opening the Designer Window 

The first thing you need to do is go to the designer window and open it. There is a designer button at the top of your screen; you will need to click on that to see a new window pop up. This is the designer window that you will use to create pages from scratch.

Step 2: Creating the New Pages

Having the designer window in front of you, you can start working on creating a new page. Locate the New icon, which is at the upper left of the FotoSlate program. Click on the icon and see the properties box open. Here, you will need to make the proper adjustments and settings for the new blank pages.

Step 3: Setting up the Page Properties

The first thing you need to do is choose what size page you wish to create. Then, you should check the background. There is a wide selection here: you can select texture, image, solid color or no background. Choose among the available options, and click on the OK button located next to the box. Once done, save the project. From this point, you are free to create anything you want, including albums, calendars or scrapbooks using the blank pages you have just created using Fotoslate Print Studio.