Creating Images in Carrara Studio 3

Creating images in Carrara Studio 3 is quite easy with the various tools and features that the software provides. Below describes how an image can be created with this software.

Step 1: Go to the Assembly Room

Initialize Carrara Studio 3 and enter the Assembly Room by clicking on the icon, which looks like a hand on the top menu bar.

Step 2: Working with Objects

Carrara provides a variety of objects and images which you can work with to create your desired image. For example, if you want to create the image of a tree, click on the Plant icon which is the last in the tool bar. If you drag this icon into the workspace, you will open the Plant Modeler window, and you can select the type of tree you want from the Tree Type drop down box.

In the same window, you have slider controls to manipulate the size, shape and foliage of the tree and also see the preview of how you are progressing. You can also edit each element of the tree as you want with the various controls.

Step 3: Working with Camera and Lighting

Carrara enables you to create an image with depth and volume, which can be accentuated by changing the vantage point and using the right lighting. For getting the right vantage angle, you need to work with the Camera tool and move the Camera with the Dolly controls on the left of your workspace to get the right angle.

Step 4: Rendering the Image

Once you are done with all your editing and selecting the angle and lighting, you can render your image by going to the Rendering Room by clicking on the icon which looks like a film strip.