Creating Business Cards with Print Artist Gold

Print Artist Gold is a powerful desktop publishing application which is capable of creating lots of different items. It can be used to create Christmas cards, greetings cards or even business cards. The great thing about this app is that it saves you a fortune on professional design costs. The app itself has an affordable price, which makes it even easier to save money when you want to print business cards.

Another great thing about using Print Artist Gold is that you can print out small batches of Business Cards. This means that it's very easy for you to change phone numbers, email addresses or other contact information. Creating your own business cards with Print Artist Gold is very simple, this article will look through the steps involved to create your own business cards using the app.

Step 1: Open Print Artist Gold

First, you should open print artist gold on your computer. This is a useful application which can be used to create all sorts of things including business cards. When you open the app, you will be presented with a number of different options. As you want to print a business card, you should select the business cards option.

Step 2: Choose the Size

When you have selected the business card option in Print Artist, it will display a few different options. There are different sizes of business cards from the regular, to smaller or larger cards. There are also different formats of cards which can be chosen. There are also a series of different pre-made designs which can be used to get some good ideas about your design.

Step 3: Think about the Design

Now it's probably useful to spend some time thinking about the design that you want to use. Business cards need to look attractive and professional. It's important that they show off your business's identity and characteristics. If you think better on paper than on a computer screen, then make a sketch of the design that you want on a sheet of paper.

Step 4: Colors

The background color of most business cards are white, however, this doesn't have to be the case. You can select any color that you want from the paint box and then use this to fill the background. Bear in mind that whatever color you use as the background, you will need to choose a contrasting color for the text which can be read easily.

Step 5: Designing

If you are using a pre-designed card, then you can still adjust the color scheme and move everything around if needed. If you are starting from scratch, then you will need to invest more time to design your business card. There is a toolbox at the bottom of the window which can be used to select the different tools for your design. You can import graphics from files on your computer.

Spend time choosing the background image if needed and adding any logos to your design. The logos can be positioned by clicking and dragging them into the chosen position.

Step 6: Add Text

When you have finished with the design, you should then add in the text. The text will include your name, position, address and phone number.

Step 7: Print Your Design

Once you have finished your design, you will need to print it. This can be printed on any card and then cut to shape using a guillotine. It's also possible to purchase specialist card, which is perforated to make it easy to cut out the cards.