Creating an iPhoto Slideshow

iPhoto is a program that anyone who enjoys taking photos will love; you can even create a iphoto slideshow. The program makes organizing your photos, tagging people, and basic editing extremely easy. You can also share your images on Facebook or Flickr with the ease of a click of a button. Another great feature in iPhoto is the ability to easily create impressive slideshows and share them.

Create an Album

The first step in creating a slide show is to select the photos you wish to include. You do this by creating a new album. To create a new album go to file-> New Album or you can use the keyboard shortcut 'command' + 'N'. Name this album 'Slide show' or if you have a specific name for your show, enter it here. Drag the photos you wish to include in the show from your library into your new album.


Once you've finished selecting your photos, the next step is to organize the order you wish for them to appear in. You do this by dragging them around until the desired order is reached.

Create a Slide Show

It's amazing how quick and easy it is to turn your favorite photos into a slide show. At the bottom of the screen is a 'Slide Show' button. Click it. An iPhoto slide show is composed of three parts: Theme, Music and Settings.


You Have six options for your theme:

  • Classic: The photos appear in their current size and there is no movement.
  • Ken Burns: The photos are slightly enlarged and the camera pans across them like a Ken Burns documentary. If you've never seen one then you need to check them out.
  • Scrap book: The photos are placed in a digital animation of someone going through a scrap book. This is a slide show theme that will impress people.
  • Shatter: This uses complex animations to transition between photos.
  • Sliding Panels: The pictures transition by sliding in and out of the show. Sometimes two pictures are sliding at once.
  • Snap Shot: The photos slide onto the slide show as a bright white rectangle and fade into the photo


iPhoto also comes with a wide choice of music you can use that includes popular song. In addition to the music, you can adjust how long a photo stays in the show for as well as what transitions to use.

Once your slide show is complete, it's time to share it with the rest of the world. Go to File-> Export and choose slide show. Select what size you want your file to be and where you want it to be exported. iPhoto exports the slideshow as a Quicktime movie, which you can either upload on the web or burn to a dvd using iDVD.

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