Creating a Scrapbook with Scrapbook Factory

A scrapbook is an album where notes or clippings about family history in the form of photographs are pasted, hence Digital scrapbooking is the art of coming up with digital scrapbook pages using Scrapbook Factory. This requires the Scrapbook Factory, which is user friendly software.

Step 1: Install the Software and Get Started

You need to have installed and opened Scrapbook factory. Choose start then click design from scratch option on the opened Scrapbook factory page, then choose scrapbooks. You will need to choose a page layout size, say ‘’12x12’’ option and click finish. A blank page will appear.

Step 2: Locate the Folder

Inside your storage hard drive, locate the folder where you have the quick page stored, then click on it and click OK. For example, you could have your quick page by the name “myquickpage” stored in the My Documents folder on your hard drive.

Step 3: Layout Size

Note that the opened page will be smaller in size, hence not fitting the working area. All you need to do is stretch it so that it fits fully on your “12x12” layout size. By clicking on a corner of this quick page and dragging it outward to the template page’s corner (and repeating this for all the 4 corners), you will fill up the space.

Step 4: Insert Photograph

To insert a photograph, you will click on insert, followed by graphic, then click on file and locate inside your hard drive where the photographs are. Click on the one of your choice for the layout, and then click OK.

Step 5: Drag Photo

This photo appears on top of your layout, calling for stretching it by dragging its corners in order to fill the white space for the photo. Ensure the photograph covers the white box completely so that it can be layered behind the quick page. Make sure you click the photo once, and then click arrange followed by the send to back option.

Step 6: Manipulating Text

To give your layout a title, on the left hand menu, you will click Text tools then choose add your own text in order to add text. Here, you can manipulate your text by changing the font size or color and the shape of the text. Note when you do stretch the page, the font size will be taken care of as well. So, just type in the title of your choice.

Step 7: Save

You will need to save your work by choosing file then save. Then, type in the file name and click save. You should reduce the size of the file if you are saving for attaching on emails and let the file extension be (.JPG) while for Scrapbook Factory, the extension is (.SBK). If you're going for a printing option, then change the resolution to 300dpi which is the standard size for the print.