Creating a Photo Book in iPhoto 6

There are many important features on iphoto 6. One of these features is the ability to create a photo book. Follow the steps listed below to create a successful photo book.

Upload Photos

Before you create a photo book, you must first upload the pictures. Connect a digital camera to a computer that has iphoto installed onto it. You can also upload pictures by:

  • transferring them from a cd or dvd, flash drive
  • download from email
  • saved on a memory card
  • located in a file on your computer.

Select Photos

To use a film roll or entire album, click it in the "Source" list and press the "Command" key as you select every photo that you would like to attach. To pick and choose among the photos in an album or your library, open the album and select the photos that you would like to use. Select File and then New Book.


Choose the size of the album along with the size. As there are many themes available for use on iphoto, choose the theme that best fits your needs. When you select a theme, you will be able to preview it before you select it. This prevents you from choosing a theme that you regret in the end.

Place Photos

Put the photos onto the pages where you would like them. You can also have iphoto place the photos onto your photo book in the order that you have selected them. This saves time and frustration of trying to figure out the perfect spot. You can easily change any of your settings at any time throughout the making of the photo book.

Place Text

If you would like text beside any of the photos, click on the "text" tool and type a message or anything that you would like. Iphoto will tell you if it does not fit onto the page.

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