Creating 3D Moving Text in Adobe Premiere

One of the most enjoyable features of Adobe Premiere is the way in which you can have fun with everyday materials, such as 3D moving text or animated insect swarms. Whatever kind of animation you want, you can make it happen using the tools in the Premiere package, including the essential after-effects section. If you want to create your very own version of the Moving Text feature, which can be seen on a number of adverts and YouTube films, then this is not that difficult to create; all you need are a few spare hours and some basic tools such as a computer and a software program.

Materials Needed

  • Adobe Premiere Software
  • Computer
  • Media file
  • Spare time

Step 1: Begin the Project

In order to begin the project, you will need to create a particular project file. Name it so that you will be able to remember what it is called, and then set up the size and length to a suitable time. Something like 10 seconds should be long enough for a first attempt at this animation. Add two layers to the file: one which is called Control, and the second TXT.

Step 2: Moving Control

In the file which you have just called Control, add two types of slider control by going into the Effects section and finding the Preset palette drawer. In the slider file, mark one as TXTTrack and the second Spacing. Using your mouse, right-click onto the TxtTrack file, and edit it to 15. This will allow you to control the movement of the animation later on in the series. Repeat for three more slider controls, and amend these into the different shapes you would like. You will be able to see the slider's affect upon texts in the browser window to the left of the controls.

Step 3: Open Another File

Take another file, and give it a suitable name. Add a bottom layer which will serve as the basis for your text. Add a Slider control to this, and then edit the values again until you get the effect you were looking for. Open the text, and start writing. You can put in anything you want, although remember that the screen will only be playing for 10 seconds. Open up the effects, and select the 3D check box. This will make your letters appear 3 dimensional. You should also make a small layer of opacity for your text, so it moves smoothly over the surface of your media file.

Step 4: Bringing It Together

Now you have the text, you can put all of the clips together into a single file, with the Word section over the top. Play your file to make sure that the words twist and turn as you would like, and then save the movie as a single file onto your computer. You should now have a 3D text effect.

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