Corel PhotoImpact: Enhancing Digital Photos

Corel PhotoImpact has a feature that allows you to edit and enhance RAW files. If you are not familiar with RAW files, they are equivalent to a negative in traditional photography. When you enhance RAW digital photos in Corel PhotoImpact, you are able to set certain parameters for the photo, such as white balance, brightness, saturation and noise. You can even select an RGB color type, such as 24-bit or 48-bit color, for your digital photo in Corel PhotoImpact.

Enhancing Digital Photos in Corel PhotoImpact

To enhance digital photos in Corel PhotoImpact, you will need to go to File and then Open in Corel PhotoImpact. When the Open dialog box appears on your screen, select the digital photo that you would like to enhance and click "OK." Corel PhotoImpact will automatically open the Open Camera RAW File dialog box, which allows you to enhance your digital photo by changing various parameters. If you are happy with the changes that you have made to the RAW digital photo you are enhancing, you can even apply the same changes to other photos that you have selected by checking the Apply to all subsequent selections box. Once you have enhanced the photo to your likung, click "OK" to save the changes.