Corel PhotoImpact: Creating DVD Labels

In a few easy steps, you can create DVD labels in Corel PhotoImpact. Corel PhotoImpact provides many customizable DVD label templates in Photo Project. You can also use Corel PhotoImpact to create labels for your CDs.

1. Opening a Photo Project and Selecting a Template

To open a Photo Project in Corel PhotoImpact, simply go to File, then Share and click on "Photo Project." When Photo Project opens, click on the "Templates" tab and select a template for your DVD label.

2. Customizing your DVD Label

You will need to click on the "Customize" tab to customize your DVD label. You can change the image on the label by clicking on the current image and going to the From Folder tab. If there is an image in your workspace that you would like to use, click on "From Workspace" instead of From Folder. You can also change the font that appears on the DVD label template by double clicking on the placeholder text.

3. Printing DVD Labels

Now that you have customized your DVD label, you are ready to print it. To print a DVD label in Corel PhotoImpact, simply click on "Print," which is available in the Share tab.