Corel Photo Album: Learning about the Enhance Tab

Corel Photo Album has a lot of features and tools that can help you in creating professional quality photographs. In Coral Photo Album, the Enhance tab is especially responsible for providing you with the tools to create quality work. Some of the features and tools of this tab are discussed below.

Organization of Photos

In the home tab, all the photos are organized in the main window. You can either leave it that way to edit all the photos, or select the ones you want to edit and drop them onto the photo tray. A photo tray is an organizing tool much like a slide show. You can access any of the files or the selected files from the photo tray for a particular task. You can create as many photo trays as you like under the Enhance tab.


Under the Adjust photo tool, you have many features that help you to edit and enhance a photo. If you need to fix the colors, then you have two options: a quick fix and a photo fix. The quick fix automatically makes the necessary adjustments to the image, while the photo fix allows you to make your own adjustments. There is also a red eye removal option; all you need to do is adjust the size of the tool and click on the eyes and the red color is gone. Then there is the cropping tool; you can use the preset sizes or manual adjustments as per your needs.

Straighten and Makeover

This feature can be used to straighten things or objects in an image. You need to place the bent axis along the straight line and click to straighten it. Then there is the makeover tool that helps you take out blemishes, give the tan effect, and apply picture frames and texts to the images. The enhance tab also has other tools that are of a more advanced nature and are usually used by professionals. All in all it’s great software for both novices and professionals.