Corel Photo Album: Creating a Greeting Card

You can make every occasion special with Corel Photo Album and create greeting cards that express your best wishes to family members and friends. Making your own greeting card is easy with these simple steps.

Step 1: Choose a Picture You want to Use

After installing the software, go to the Find tab and choose the picture that will be used for the greeting card. After doing so, click on Create and choose Greeting Card from the project options.

Step 2: Pick the Style and Layout

From the Settings Panel, choose the kind of fold you want to be applied to the card; this can be single (folded in half) or double fold (folded in quarters). The layout can be either of the following: H-1a, H-1b, V-1a or V-1b. This determines the orientation of the card. The Landscape or Portrait Orientation should also be applied to your photos.

Step 3: Position Photos

Click the photo from the Photo Strip and drag it into the greeting card cell. You may replace the picture by dragging another into the cell. To adjust and position the photos, go to the Settings Panel and choose from different functions. The Fill to Frame button enlarges the photo to maximize the space and focuses the photo by cropping. The Fit to Frame button makes sure the whole picture is shown in the cell. And, the Rotate Right or Left Buttons changes the picture orientation while Zoom increases and decreases the picture size.

Step 4: Add Texts

By clicking on the text field, you can enter a personalized message as a caption to the picture. Change the font and size of the text by using the font, size and color drop-down list. Change the style of the text by clicking on the bold, italic or underline buttons and align the text with the alignment buttons.

Step 5: Preview and Print

Preview the card by clicking on the Preview button. To continue to printing, click on the Print button. Change the quality of the picture with the Properties button and click on OK.

Creating a Greeting Card is fun and easy with the Corel Photo Album.