Corel MediaOne Plus: Creating Slideshows

Corel MediaOne Plus offers a great alternative for photo editing. With a user-friendly interface, anyone can use this powerful editing program from beginners to professionals. In just a few steps, you can create movies, slideshows and DVDs to enjoy with family and friends.

Step 1: Quick Photo Editing

Launch your Corel application. Open your photo folder and load the images. Use the Editing Options to rotate, fix red-eye, resize, crop and adjust contrast and brightness. Remove blemishes, add tan or whiten teeth. You can also convert images to B&W mode, add text and photo frames.

Step 2: Add Photos to a Photo Tray

After you have edited your photos, add them to the Photo Tray. Drag-and-drop photos into the MediaOne screen, and use the Organizer tab to organize and browse through the photo thumbnails.

Step 3: Move Photos to Storyboard

You can use the Storyboard to arrange their photos. Click Show on the left of your screen, and drag all photos from the photo tray into the Storyboard. Do that by holding Shift to select all the thumbnails and drag them into the Storyboard.

Step 4: Organize Photos

Corel allows you to rearrange photos. You can set the order in which they will appear on the slideshow. Do that by simply dragging the thumbnail into the desired position.

Step 5: Add Transitions

You can also use the Corel special features to add fantastic transitions. You can add transitions in two ways: apply one transition to all slides or add custom transitions to each slide. Use the Transition group box to add transitions such as Random, Fade, Brush Strokes, Tiles, Stripes, Sliding Glass, Slice and more.

To add the same transition to all slides, simply select one of your thumbnails from the Storyboard. Go to the task panel and click the Change Slide Settings option in the Show area. Preview your transitions by clicking the Play button on Storyboard.

Step 6: Slide Settings

You can use the slide settings options to set each slide’s duration and timing. You can use default settings or change them. You can also add motion effects to your slides. Use automatic motion effects or configure them manually.

If you wish to apply these settings but to each slide, choose Apply to all Slides. You will find this option as a button placed in the upper right corner of every group box.

Step 7: Save and Share

When you get to the part of your project you are just about done. You can now save your photo slide show by going to file and then save as or save. You can now e-mail photos as slide shows. Select Corel Show in the E-mail box, name your show and click OK.

Corel MediaOne Plus is a great application to use when making slideshows and video clips.