Corel Draw: Understanding Corel Connect

Corel Connect is a brand new addition that is a part of Corel Draw X5. Corel Connect is highly similar in function to any of the modern day browsers. The only difference lies in the fact that it actually is specialized to help you find digital content and display it for the design processes that you are working on.


The Corel Connect features a number of filters on the left hand side that will allow you to specify the filter criteria such as locations, libraries and keywords. You will notice that the Corel DVDs are listed as libraries on the left hand side of navigation and exploration area. You will use the small arrows next to each library to expand and collapse the tree structure to facilitate navigation through the library.

Try navigating around and look for the kinds of media and digital content that is available. You will realize that each library contains a massive amount of data in itself. You will be presented with thumbnail views of the media present in the libraries. To view a larger size or to vary the size of thumbnails to your own preferences, you will use the zoom slider in the right hand corner. Additionally, you can hover the mouse above each image to view a still larger and clearer shot of the media.

Search Features

The Corel Connect has a powerful tool in the form of the integrated search feature. This is located in the upper left hand corner of the Corel Connect browser. The search results can be filtered through selection and de-selection of four batons on top of the search results pane.

You will search and filter to locate a suitable file for usage in a project and verify its pixel sizes, file data and dpi data and colors. If the image suits your needs, you will simply drag it into the “Tray” pane located at the bottom.

Using Media

You can use the lower pane to directly open and view the files in Corel Draw PHOTO-PAINT Suite. Once you have done this, you can actually go to Window menu and select the “Dockers” menu that will in turn lead to another menu, where you can select “Connect”. This will turn on the Corel Connect inside the Corel Draw PHOTO-PAINT Suite that you will directly use for media searches. The search panels and the trays are fully customizable and can be docked anywhere you like.

Another powerful feature that is supported by the Corel Connect is the ability to click and drag files and thumbnails across multiple applications and Corel Connect. Hence, in effect, you use just one instance of Corel Connect to interact with all Corel products in real-time and act as a central digital content and media hub. Anything that is done on the tray or any changes made in the tray are all reflected across all operational Corel products in real time.

Thus, the Corel Connect is an extremely powerful way of handling digital content that enables you to work efficiently between Corel products.