Corel Draw: How to Use the Color Palette

Corel Draw Graphics Suite X5 is a powerful graphic designing tool suitable for both professional designers and those who aspire to become one. Corel Draw X5 derives its success from the multitude of design options and compatibility aspects that allow its users to control every facet of their graphical creation. They include vector illustrations, page layouts, web graphics and tutorials (which are most helpful) amongst a host of other features. This article will look at how to setup Color Palettes in CorelDraw X5.

Step 1: Setting Up a Color Profile

In CorelDraw X5, color management starts when you create a new document. The drop down next to Primary Color Mode determines the set of colors that will be available to you. These can either be RGB or CMYK colors. These two different color modes will result in separate sets of color palettes next to your document. To ensure that all end users see the desired colors in your designs as you render them, click on the downward arrow next to Color Settings to embed the proper color profile into your document.

Depending on which color mode you choose, the document will show up with their respective RGB or CMYK profile that you set. These color schemes are imbedded into the saved files you create and ensure that you and the end user get to view the same file.

Step 2: Managing Default Color Profiles

To manage the settings, your documents can also be managed through either the Default Color Management Settings or Document Color Management Settings. Select Tools in the menu bar located above your document, go to Color Management, and select either Default Settings or Document Settings. The Default Settings Area is divided into four sections, namely the sections for controlling Default Color Settings, Color Management Policies, Color Conversion Settings and the Import and Paste conversion settings.

These also influence Color Management Policies settings as they are interrelated. If you check the boxes next to the warnings for mismatching and missing color profiles, they will automatically warn you when you open a previously saved document if the color settings don’t match or are missing from the current color settings you are working on.

Step 3: Managing Current Document Settings

To change and manage the color profiles of a document while you are working on it, you need to select the Document Settings under Color Management in the Tools section of the Menu Bar. In the Document Color Settings Area, you can view the current color profile settings of your document and compare it to the default settings that are set. To preview new color settings, you can either check Assign Different Color Profiles to view the changes on the image from a different color profile retaining the original color settings or you can check on Convert Document Colors to new Color Profiles to view changes in the Palette as well. To save these changes, click on OK.

To view the Color Proof Settings (CPS) Area, go to the Menu Bar, select Tools and click on Color Proof Settings. This will allow you to edit the color mode in your image from RGB to CMYK color schemes.