Corel Designer: Importing 3D Models

The Corel Designer is a vector-based graphical and drawing tool that is extensively used in the heavy industries to create technical graphics for engineers and professionals. The USP for Corel Designer works out to be the extremely competitive price/performance ratio. The Corel Designer proves to be an able designing software that has its roots firmly in all of the aspects - drawing, designing and illustration. This unique combination allows the Corel Designer suite to maintain its razor sharp precision without losing out on quality illustration capabilities. The following tutorial examines importing 3D models.

Step 1: Working with Deep Exploration

This is the fundamental working environment for Corel. It is divided into some specialized areas, each of which performs a certain specialized set of functions. The viewports serve as windows that allow the designer to view and customize the model. The Explorer bar serves as a navigational aid to the file and directory structure of the computer. The Scene is used to locate, track and select objects.

The Deep Exploration workspace can be upgraded to add support for more 3D file formats, increasing publishing capabilities and integration of CAD tools.

Step 2: Opening the Working File

You will now launch the Corel module, and then proceed to hit the button labeled as “New” to get started with a new drawing. You may also click “Open” in the file menu and navigate to a folder with appropriate files.

Step 3: Changing the View

The Corel module allows you to modify viewport configuration according to your working style. To do this, you will need to modify the viewing angle of the viewport of your choice to perspective. This will change the angle of the perspective from which the model is visible.

Step 4: Sending the Image to Corel

You will locate and click the appropriate button to move your image object to Corel. The button should be located on the standard toolbar. Doing so will launch the “Raytracer” properties window. You will proceed to manipulate the height, width and the depth of resolution of the image according to your liking and click “OK”.

You will notice that this will generate a bitmap that opens by default in windowed mode. In the Corel window, you will click on the File menu and select the “Save As” option. Click Save. Once done, you will bring back the model in Corel to perform a variety of operations based upon your requirements or individual preferences.

Step 5: Importing the Bitmaps

To do this, you will click on Import option under File menu and select the relevant images and then click Import. Following this, you will click and select the drawing page to add an image. Now, click and add the second image. Repeat for all images. Proceed to scale the images and place them as required.

Once done, you will have successfully imported the 3D model.