Converting DSLR Video into Pro Resolution

Nothing can be easier than using the Magic Bullet Grinder by Red Giant Software to convert any DSLR video files into other more useable editable formats. You have the option of adding timecode and web-resolution proxies. This can all be done through a single quick and simple window. Currently, Magic Bullet Grinder offers support for all Canon DLSRs capable of taking video, with loads more formats in development, and is due to be out soon. The following examines how to convert your DSLR video files into a Pro Resolution format using Magic Bullet Grinder.

Step 1: Drag Video Clips

The first step to begin converting your DSLR video files is to locate the folder which contains them on your computer. Select them and drag them into the Magic Bullet Grinder interface.

Step 2: Apply Conversion Settings

Once the video clips are displayed in Magic Bullet Grinder, you must set the settings for the Main Output and the Proxy Format as well. The Main Output Format settings will be visible below your files. Choose ProsRes format in the dropdown box next to Main Format heading. For your Proxy Format settings, choose ProRes Proxy in the Proxy Format dropdown. Then, choose what resolution you wish to set in the Proxy Res field. Choose the File Name and Timecode option in the Burn In dropdown menu before starting the conversion process of your DSLR video files.

Step 3: Grind It

Just hit the Start button and the encoding process will begin. On the Mac, depending on the number Cores you have, Magic Bullet grinder will automatically begin encoding that many files. This is all that needs to be done to convert your DSLR video files into a Pro Resolution format with Magic Bullet Grinder.