Compupic: The Features

Compupic is photo organizing and management software with basic editing capabilities. Here are some of its main features. Compupic provides sophisticated browsing features for easy viewing of your photo database. The software supports more than 100 file formats and can be viewed in five modes. Thumbnails can be created effortlessly and quickly and you can select many folders at one time.

For speedier navigation, there is an address bar which is integrated in the software. The software also enables you to browse archives in ZIP format as ordinary folders. HTML files can also be viewed as thumbnails while browsing. All information displayed on files can be fully customized. One of the superior features of this software is its capacity to maintain a high quality of the image when you use the Zoom or pan functions while viewing.

Photo Management Features

The software enables you to move and copy image files much faster compared to using the Explorer of your operating system. Compupic has an easy interface which provides better control over duplicating, deleting and renaming files. The program has a superior sorting function which can be fully customized to requirements.

Slide Show and Superior Tools

Compupic has a range of more than 100 transition effects for creating stunning slide shows. You can also include background music and other sound effects. The Maxi-Show feature enables you to display many images at one time in the slide show. The range of tools in this software makes batch processing tasks like cropping, adding text, resizing, renaming, converting and watermarking easy and fast. The Web Site Scanner tool enables you to download a variety of media files and images from a website.

Editing and Sharing

Compupic provides features for automatically correcting flaws in the image and also adjusting the contrast, hue, brightness, color saturation, white balance and red-eye. Enhancement features include adding borders, shadows, overlaying text bubbles and many effects.

For sharing your photos, Compupic has many features like in-built email client, automatic generation of web pages and features for uploading images to various sites.