Compressor: Understanding Batches

Batches are configured jobs (source media files) and the targets. A batch monitor monitors the transcoding process for jobs preparing to be processed. When you have a group of source media files and the targets, you have a batch. For an easy and quick workflow with compressor, you can create a batch template for your batches. This speeds up the transcoding work flow. Using the technique below will assist you in submitting your batches.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Compressor
  • Source media files

Step 1: Open Batch Window

Once the batch window is open, click on File. Next, click on the Submit Button in the Batch window. You should then see a submit dialogue box.

Step 2: Verify Batch

Make sure the Name field is correct in confirming the batch name. It is usually set to a default name that you can change into something a little more memorable. 

Step 3: Decide Where Batch Processes

You will need to decide what computer will process the batch using the Cluster module. By default, the Cluster pop up module is set to This Computer. If you leave this as the default, Compressor will only involve this computer when processing the batch completion.

Step 4: Choose Level of Priority

Select the batch priority level using the Priority pop up module. When this is complete, hit Enter or click Submit for the batch to be processed. A history window will open automatically for you to see the batch progression. You can monitor the progress of the batch by double clicking the Batch Monitor icon. The Compressor can be set to open the Batch Monitor automatically.

Step 5: Submit Batches Using the Previous Settings

You can bypass the dialogue to submit batches. The submitted batches will automatically use the previous batch's settings. To enable this, you can simply click on File > Submit With Previous Settings, then click Submit With Previous Settings in the toolbar on the Batch window.

Note: When you have a larger batch to submit, there will be a delay for a few seconds. This will occur once you have submitted the batch and you see no immediate result. Compressor has to get the batch ready before it will submit properly. Another thing you may want to be aware of is any screen saver applications will slow down the batch processing speed. 

You will see a yellow triangle with an exclamation point in the middle once your batch has been submitted. This is a warning symbol that you can hover your mouse pointer over to see what kind of issues the batch has. Alternatively, you can click on this as well.

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