Compressor: Encoding Presets

Video files can be compressed by using encoding presets in Compressor. This process is a similar to using a zip file to compress other file types such as documents. These programs allow your computer to operate quicker and more effectively by making files smaller, taking up less space.

The following steps outline the directions for encoding presets in Mac. Directly following are instructions for encoding on a PC in Windows. You will need the following:

  • A Mac or PC
  • Compressor software
  • Video files

Directions for a Mac

Step 1: Open Program and Access Video File

Open the compressor program and access the video file. Click on the file and drag it into the "New File" box found in the upper left corner of the screen.

Step 2: Choose an Encoding Preset

Within the compressor program are more than 100 encoding presets that you can use to help compress your video files. When you choose a preset, it will analyze your video file to find the best default setting.

Choose a video setting from a box located on the lower left side of the screen. Click and drag the setting to the new file box where your video is located. The setting will compress your video file and maintain its quality.

Step 3: Activate Compression

Rename your video file and click "Submit". Click "Submit" a second time to open a pop-up window. In the window on the right hand side will be a box labeled "Tasks". Your video file will have an arrow next to it. Clicking on the arrow will begin the process to compress the file. When compression is finished, "Successful" will be listed in the box.

Step 4: Check the File Size

To check the new size of your video file, click on the magnifying glass that is next to "Successful". A window will open where your video file will be listed along with information about the file including its new size.

Directions for Windows

Step 1: Open Software Program

After opening Windows Media Encoder, click on "New Session." Windows Media Encoder is a computer program similar to the Mac program used to compress video files.

Step 2: Choose Encoding Options

In this step you will select the quality you want for your video file. Click on "Convert a File" and then "New Session Wizard". You will then be asked to select the video file you want to manipulate. You will next enter content information and choose encoding options. Make sure to review the settings and click "Finish".

Step 3: Begin Encoding Process

To begin the encoding process, click on "Start Encoding" located on the taskbar. This will start compressing the size of the video file.

Step 4: Check the Video

Once compression is complete, it is recommended to play the video file to verify the audio and video quality.

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