Compressor: Blu-Ray Disc and DVD Burning

For DVD burning, you will have to apply this as a job action for Compressor. You can apply job actions and adjust them in the Inspector window under the Job Action tab. You will have to select a job in the batch window first. The Job Action tab has a pop up window that says "When Job Completes," where you are able to apply a post- transcoding action for that particular job such as create DVD, create Blu-ray disc or add to iTunes library. Whichever post-transcoding option you select is what Compressor will apply. The DVD and Blu-ray burning is described below.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • DVD
  • Blu-ray


Step 1: Create a DVD to burn

This is the form you will use to enter the information for the DVD you will burn and its settings. 

Step 2: Choose a Drive

The Output Device menu will pop up for you to choose the device you will be formatting to. This menu will include the optical computer drives as well as its hard disk. Select Hard Drive so that you can create a disc image file to burn the DVD media later with the disk utility program. The file will be a .img file.

Step 3: Choose a Disc Template

Use the Disc Template menu to choose a DVD template.


Step 1: Create the Blu-Ray Disc

The form you will use to enter information for the Blu-ray disc. you will burn along with its settings. You can also burn AVCHD discs with these settings. You can burn discs that have HD video content and some of the basic menu features using a standard DVD burner. You can play this same disc in a compatible Blu-ray Disc player. Any disc that contains Blu-ray content cannot be played on a Mac computer.

Step 2: Choose a Drive

In the Output Device menu, you can choose to burn either the Blu-ray or AVCHD disc. The same for the optical drives and the computer's hard disk, as above in the number two DVD step, applies for Blu-ray. 

Step 3: Choose a Template

You can choose a menu template for the Blu-ray disc in the Disc Template pop up menu.

Step 4: Burning the DVD/Blu-Ray Discs

You can now go into your Disk Utility menu to burn your DVD or Blu-ray disc. When using Compressor to burn a disc, the output media file data rate is automatically calculated based on the disc media capacity and what type of disc you are formatting. The duration of the source media file is also taken into consideration during this calculation. 

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