Composite Wizard: Important Features

If you are not familiar with Composite Wizard, Composite Wizard is an after effects compositing tool that is made by Red Giant Software. Composite Wizard can quickly and easily fix imperfections in photos, such as tattered edges, unbalanced color schemes and poor matte extractions, thanks to the over 20 filters that are included with the program.

Composite Wizard has been tested by professionals, so you can rest assured that you are purchasing a quality product. This guideline will go over a few important features of Composite Wizard.

Composite Color Matcher

Composite Wizard makes it easy match the colors of your image to the composite environment. With just a couple of clicks of the mouse, you can blend the tonal and exposure ranges of your image so that they match perfectly with the composite environment in which the photo was taken in. Composite Wizard makes the changes automatically, which takes the guesswork out of color matching.

Smooth Screen

If your photos feature lighting and surface variances, you can easily correct those imperfections in Composite Wizard. Composite Wizard allows you to apply smoothing effects to both bluescreen and greenscreen images. The smooth screen feature that is included with Composite Wizard will first compare the pixels of the lighting and surface variances to the target keying color. Before keying, Composite Wizard will automatically correct the pixels, which applies the aforementioned smoothing effect to blue or green screen images.

Light Wrap

One of the hardest aspects of compositing is making it seem like two different pictures were taken in the same environment. The key to getting this right is making it appear that the light from one image is being properly reflected onto the other image. Light wrap, one of the many features included with Composite Wizard, can quickly and easily combine two different photos and make them appear as if they were take at the same time and in the same environment.

Super Blur

Blurring photos can often be a time consuming task. That is not the case with Composite Wizard, thanks to the included Gaussian blur filter. The Gaussian blur filter can apply blurs at up to five times the speed of other blur filters. With Composite Wizard, you can apply blurs whenever you want without having to worry about your system lagging. Plus, the Gaussian blur filter is known for its high quality, so the quality of your blurs will not suffer with Composite Wizard.


Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for photos to pick up background noise. Luckily, Composite Wizard includes a denoiser feature that will reduce or eliminate all noise from your photos. Composite Wizard does this by applying an averaging function across the pixels in the photo. You will find that the denoiser comes in handy when you need to clean up dark areas of your images.