Complete List of Features for PhotoPlus

PhotoPlus X4, developed by Serif, is a user-friendly photo editing software that allows beginner and amateur level photographers and enthusiasts to achieve professional quality results. This article will examine a list of major features which are available in PhotoPlus X4.

Professional Editing Features

These sets of tools help users develop and edit their pictures with a stunning level of quality. These are the most important features in any photo editing software and have been made very simple to use in PhotoPlus X4.

  • RAW Studio allows the editing of RAW format films, which are considered the equivalent of negative film in digital photography.
  • Non-Destructive Adjustments allows users to make effect adjustments to their photos without over-writing their original image.
  • Adjust Curves and Levels allows users to manage light and dark points of a picture by editing its RGB curves.
  • High Color Support allows users to edit 64 bit images with the support of 281 trillion colors.
  • View Photo Information allows users to display and export EXIF, XMP & IPTC photo formats in PhotoPlus X4.

Creative Editing Tools

Though some tools have become standard photo editing tools in many software, there are some those in this section that deserve a look:

  • Cutout studio for Extracting Objects allows users to crop out edges and edit out or move shapes.
  • Flexible Layer Management allows for better effect addition and management.
  • Filter Gallery enables users to preview and apply built-in filters, giving users the means to transform their photos into works of art.
  • Create Panoramic Images allows users to create flawless horizontal & vertical panoramas.

Productivity Enhancement Features

To help users increase the pace of their editing, PhotoPlus X4 has come up with automated aspect of photo editing.

  • Work with all Popular Image Formats offers increased compatibility with all picture formats prevalent in the market.
  • PhotoPlus X4 now allows users to record their editing creations, and turn them into macros so that they apply automatically to other pictures.
  • Batch Processing is probably the most important feature in the application, which allows the user to perform repetitive editing over a batch of pictures in one go.

Photo Management & Sharing Features

The tools in this section help users organize their vast amounts of pictures into manageable albums and then share them with family.

  • Import Photos from different sources allows you to directly open pictures from your hard disc, external disc or the Internet.
  • Tag and Rate Photos gives users the ability to tag names of people in their pictures and rate favorites to quicken their search. 
  • Print Projects allows users to create calendars, cards and postcards from existing templates.
  • Online Sharing allows user to upload pictures to Facebook and Flickr to share their media content instantly.
  • Backup your Photos lets the user back up their pictures in case their primarily saved location is damaged or lost.

These features, amongst a host of others, are meant to make the task of editing and improving the quality of pictures in PhotoPlus X4 simple.