Common iPhoto Problems and How to Solve Them

While Apple is widely renowned for its stability and reliability, every program known to man occasionally has issues, and iPhoto problems are no exception. With a program that has so many functions, including importing, editing and publishing your pictures, it is to be expected that problems will sometimes pop up, but most problems are easily fixed. 

iPhoto Won't Import Pictures

If you ever attempt to upload pictures and import them into iPhoto and get an error message stating you have an unreadable file, there are a number of things you can do to get it rolling again. If you have tried the standard solutions of disconnecting your camera and plugging it back in and also rebooting your computer, and neither of those worked, open up the Disk Manager on your computer and run the Check Disc function, just to verify your hard drive is in proper working order. If this doesn't work, locate the pictures you are attempting to import in the Pictures folder, which is located in the Home folder. Right click on the iPhoto Library and selection the Show Package Contents option. This should bring up the photos you were importing. Move them elsewhere on your computer. Check to make sure there are no security settings embedded that would interfere with iPhoto, and then reimport them as you normally would. 

iPhoto Keeps Crashing

If you are ever experiencing repeated iPhoto crashing, rather than reinstalling the entire program, which would necessitate reimporting all the pictures (which, granted, is an option, and, depending on how much content you have in your library, may be the easiest one), first try deleting the plist file. This stands for "property list" and contains personal settings, such as the location of your library and various user settings (much like the cache does in an Internet browser). By deleting the plist file, you are forcing iPhoto to restore the factory defaults. It can be located by going to your hard drive, users, your name, library, then preferences. Locate the file and delete it. You may need to rebuild your library after this step, which is a fairly simple process. Press the Apple and the options keys when you restart iPhoto, then select to rebuild the library database from the automatic back-up.

iPhoto Won't Recognize Faces/Places

If you ever find that iPhoto is failing to recognize faces or places that you tell it, or that it has gotten correct in the past, you can re-sort the photos with each option. If the automatic sorting does not work in Faces, try deleting the Faces database and then reimporting your library. You'll have to go through the same steps as when you initially imported them, such as identifying faces you did previously, but starting it over fresh should solve the issues. You can follow the same steps if you're having troubles with Places, as well, and if the automatic sorting option still fails to work, you can simply add the locations for your photos manually on the map. 

Most errors in iPhoto can be solved by, if nothing else, utilizing the automatic restore option. Be sure to use this if all else fails before resorting to reinstallation.

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