Clever ways to Edit Your Home Movies

Computers and video editing software have made it easier than ever to edit your home movies to improve them and make them look much more professional. Armed with a computer and the right pieces of software it's possible to create very professional looking results.

When you are editing your home movies there are lots of things that you can do to make the results look even better. Following these tips can make your home videos look brilliant.

Choosing Software

First you will need to make sure that you're using the right software to edit your videos. There are a number of alternatives but if you're using Windows XP, Vista or Seven then there's a good chance that one is already installed. Using Windows Movie Maker to edit your videos is one of the most clever ways of editing your movies because it doesn't involve additional software.

More professional options include Adobe Premiere and Pinnacle Studio Pro. These are expensive and do offer additional features which can make videos look more professional. However for the average user Windows Movie Maker will be an easier option and will save you a lot of money.


Transitions between different parts of your video can look great if done tastefully. Just be careful not to overdo it. Although a computer makes it really easy to add transitions you don't want to add hundreds of things. Instead just stick to a few to give your finished video a tasteful look.


Video editing requires a very fast computer. If your computer is old then you will probably need to consider upgrading it. Editing videos on a slow computer is frustrating and certainly isn't a clever way to edit your home movies. Upgrade and save yourself from wasting lots of time waiting for the video to be edited.

Keep it Simple

If you look at a professional video then you will notice how simple they appear. This is because they are more interested in quality rather than fancy visual effects. Ideally, you should try to emulate this too. Just because the features are available in the application it doesn't mean that you actually need to use them. Sound effects can work well in some cases but don't use them everywhere.

Mixing Shots

When you're recording something it can seem like a great idea to sit your camera on top of a tripod and then leave it recording. This, however, won't create an interesting family video. Instead, move the camera around to get lots of different perspectives. By doing this, they can then be edited on your computer and tuned into a great and unforgettable experience. This will make it much more enjoyable to watch.

Special Effects

When shooting videos it can seem like a great idea to record using one of the special effects modes on your camera. However, if you do this you won't have an original file to edit later. It's always better to record normally and then apply any effects to the finished video later on using the computer. By doing this you will always have a copy available in full color just in case you decide against the sepia tone video.

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