CineFX: Features Overview

CineFX is free open source sophisticated suite for digital video editing and creating special effects. Jahshaka was its former name, and although lacking in non-linear editing, it still has a set of features listed below (which are quite impressive).

Media Player

CineFX enables you to play videos in a wide variety of codec and even supports videos which are not compressed. The display resolution is between 2k to 4k and supports playback through a disk or RAM.


CineFX enables you to control aspect ratio in real time and also the variable frame rate. You have a variety of features that handle audio with separate tracks provided only for audio. The pan and zoom functions are hardware based and executed in real time.

Versatile Timeline

The timeline supports viewing of asset data in multiple formats and enables you to view a filmstrip in an exploded form. Multiple shot reels can also be viewed from the timeline.

Full Screen

You can view video in full screen by toggling to the mode of 16:9.

Edit Points and Thumbnails

The database of CineFX has storage of active edit points, and it is also possible to generate dynamic thumbnails.

RGBA Color

The channels can be all viewed in RGBA color.