Choosing the Right Template in Print Artist Gold

Print Artist Gold 23 is a design tool geared towards beginners, students or business users who want to quickly create invitations, cards, posters, brochures or marketing materials. This new version features over 15,000 templates, making choosing the right one almost overwhelming. But, it does not have to be if the user knows for what they are searching.

Print Artist Gold Features

Print Artist Gold 23 comes with 700 fonts, over 200,000 graphics and over 15,000 templates. It also comes with tools to help users to add their own designs or text features, and it also allows users to add their own photos as both foreground and background images. Or, these photos can be used to create collages or scrapbooks. The program also comes with an extension image and clipart gallery, including animated graphics, effects and text features.

Print Artist Gold 23 can be used to create a variety of projects for personal or business, and students can use this tool to create school projects. Some of the projects that can be made include calendars, t-shirts, greeting cards, invitations, business cards, brochures, and posters or banners.

This program cannot be downloaded; it must be ordered, but there are no membership fees with this program. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7, and it works with most inkjet and laser printers.

How to Pick a Template

Before users even start exploring the 15,000 templates, they need to decide what type of project that they will be creating. Is it a business card or brochure, or does a user need to create an invitation for personal use or for a business function? Considering the type of item that needs to be made and its purpose will help start narrowing down the choices.

Next, the formality of the occasion should be considered. For a business function, the user will probably need to choose something that is formal and that does not have a lot of graphics. But, if the invitation is for a child’s birthday party, then it would be important to pick an invitation with lots of color that clearly says birthday somewhere on it.

Searching for a Template

Once users figure out what they need in a template, Print Artist Gold 23 makes it easy to search for that template. First of all, look at the categories located on the left-hand side of the screen, and then find the one that most closely matches the type of project that needs to be created.

Now, the user needs to select an event, occasion or theme under the Category that he picked. This will narrow down the choices so that only a few will come up. Scroll through the remaining selections, and pick one.

Finally, add the text, pictures and/or graphics to the chosen project. Again, just remember for whom the project will be created. Once everything has been added, save the project, and choose between printing the file or saving it as a PDF, which can be sent via email.