Choosing a Special Effect Option in Photo Explosion

Photo Explosion is a powerful software program that is used for editing and retouching photographs. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to use. This program helps you add special effects and creates high-quality photos. You can also quick-edit and share them on Flickr or even Facebook.

Step 1: Import Files

All you need to do is install your Photo Explosion software and launch it. After that, you can easily import and organize files, such as photos from digital cameras or frame captures from digital video camcorders. The software has automatic slicing and post processing features. It also offers you the possibility to browse and organize photos and frame captures, sort and play multimedia files such as audio, AVI and mpeg. The drag-and-drop feature is easy-to-use and you can also make use of the “Batch Enhancement” option, which allows you to select multiple photos and convert file formats at the same time.

Step 2: Using Editing Options in Photo Explosion

Photo Explosion has extra editing features such as Extract Tools, QuickFix and Makeover Studios. The Extract Tools option allows you to cut photos and combine and clone them. You can use the paint tools and transparency features to create impressive photo effects. While MakeOver studio uses retouching tools to create perfect photos, QuickFix studio removes red-eye effects and changes eye color.

You can straighten, crop or apply standard editing such as brightness and contrast adjustments, saturation and hue effects. You can also use the “Trim Shape” feature to trim your photos.

Step 3: Using the Special Effects Option

You can use the Special Effects option to create and improve your photo’s quality. You can repair and enhance pictures, remove old-photo effects, fix low light, remove unwanted red-eye, smooth skin, add tan and even brighten teeth. Use the Instant Artist feature to add artistic effects to your photos such as pencil, blur background, charcoal, watercolor, fabric or even oil paint effects. You can also make a photo collage using Cloning tools and combine a number of photos into just one.

Use warp effects or add special lens effects such as thin, fat, spotlight and many more. Add frames and borders to your photos to make them unique by applying different text effects such as glass, snow and 3D. Add props to decorate your instant photo.

Step 4: Using Other Features

This software offers you other features as well. You can turn your photos into digital albums and scrapbooks that you can enjoy later on. You can transform multiple photos into wide panoramas and edit and prepare your photos to make custom gifts for your dear ones such as blankets, mouse pads, hats, objects and clothes. The software also offers you a variety of photo project templates for calendars, greeting cards, slideshows and many more. You can print in multiple sizes from standard to custom.

Photo Explosion software offers you the possibility to choose from a variety of standard editing effects and special effects.