Check out iVisit Mobile

iVisit is a video conferencing software program that allows you to talk to other people and share your browser. You can use this program for both business and personal use. The mobile version allows you to connect with others using your smartphone.

Using iVisit Mobile

iVisit Mobile is a beta program, which means that it is still in the trial phase, and there may still be some kinks in the program. But, the program does offer a lot of functionality, especially for business users or family members that travel a lot. This program allows you to connect with others on your team anywhere in the world. You can talk with others face to face, share photos, or send video or text messages.

 iVisit Mobile Features

This program comes packed with features, including the ability to have a business meeting no matter where in the world that you may be. iVisit Mobile also features a push-to-talk feature, which allows you to have a conversation with someone using either a wireless Internet (Wi-Fi or hotspot) connection or a 3G connection. This helps you save your cell phone minutes. You can connect with up to eight users on the mobile platform, and your screen will split up into individual windows so that you can see everyone’s face.

If you are out of town, you can capture and send pictures using this software. You can also send people text messages, or leave them an audio or video message if you cannot get in touch with the person. iVisit Mobile also has chat and instant messaging features, which allows you to have a conversation with others without using your cell phone minutes. You can send messages either to one person or everyone on your team.

Find Your Friends

Besides the above features, you can also broadcast your GPS location so that others know where you are. This can help your friends or coworkers find you if they are planning on meeting up with you. Or, others can see where you have been while you are out of town. This feature also provides you with turn-by-turn directions so that you figure out how to get to your destination. Or, you can look up nearby points of interests.

To use this feature, you must have GPS-enabled device or an actual GPS device. You can use this tool to log the locations of your sales people or find a member of your team. Family members can also follow along with a traveling family member or friend.

Affordable Software Program

What’s really nice about this program is that it’s affordable for most people. It only costs $4.95 in 2010, and for that you get the video conferencing and push-to-talk. Plus, you get unlimited text and video messaging, and you don’t have to pay to share photos with others. If you want to try the program before you buy it, there is a 14 day free trial version. You do not need to get a subscription for the trial version. You must, however, create an account for both the trial and full versions.