Changing Adobe Premiere Project Window Display Options

If you want to make any changes to your display options in your Adobe Premiere project window, then you should make a note of the settings which are already in place, in case you ever want to go back to these. Changing your options can sometimes result in a complete disaster, so you should have a backup in case you need to remove your changes, without having to reboot the whole system.

Changing Your Options

There are a number of reasons why people choose to change their project window display options from those which are provided by Adobe with the software package. The project window might not conveniently display the type of image which you have downloaded from a cell phone, rather than a digital camcorder, so you need to tighten up the resolution or pixels. If you want to change this, all you have to do is go into the dialogue boxes and add and remove the parts that you are offered.

Customizing the Window

When you are customizing the window, you should go into the window option. There, you will see a tab named Project Window Options. Open this, and you will see a range of display options, including thumbnails, lists and Icon views. Choose whichever of these you would prefer to use, and then press OK. You will then have another series of options presented to you. For example, if you click upon the Icon button, then you will be offered the chance to select an Icon size, a Grid size or a sorting method for showing items in the window. All of these are suitable for use with your window display.

Changing the Bin Options

Bins are the names which Adobe gives to the projects which you are working on, and if you want to change your project window options, then you will need to access the bin window. If you have a number of buns currently in operation, and want to reduce this number, then you can choose to Delete Selected Items, and select one of the bins. You can choose what kind of info the bin displays by clicking on the display button, and then deciding whether to display the file name, type of file and length of clip.

Saving Your Options

If you choose to, you can save all of your window display options by choosing to make them preferences. This is one way of ensuring that you will always be able to work as you choose on any items, and so that you can select all of these items once you have got what you need. Keeping your options as preferences, however, also means that you will have to use this format whenever you open up a new project, which can sometimes be very inconvenient. You should always consider whether you will want these options for each project before you decide to place any of your chosen items into preferences.

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